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    Youth Conference Permission Slip

    If you've already completed registration and still need to upload your permission slip, please complete the form fields below and upload your permission slip to the form. An email will be sent with your upload as an attachment. Thank you so much for registering your youth for Youth Conference 2021.

    If you haven't completed registration, click here.

    Upload Your Permission Slip:
    Complete the fields below and upload the permission slip.

    If you are a leader, enter Leader

    Upload Permission Slip

    Please look over the form before submitting. Once you are sure the information is correct, please click Submit Registration below.

    Need a Permission Slip?
    Complete and save permission slip(s).

    Please complete and save an individual permission slip for each child attending.
    You only need to complete the PARTICIPANT section and print the document. Then take a picture and upload the image to the upload form above.